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JSC MFO “Crystal”

  • A brief overview of the partner company

JSC MFO “Crystal” is a growing, local financial organization that promotes the development of the micro and small business sectors in Georgia. The company is mainly focused on the development of micro-entrepreneurs and farmers operating in regions and remote areas, in this way the company helps farmers realize their business potential, achieve financial stability and improve their living conditions.


  • Cooperation and projects

2022 – – JSC Crystal Leasing website

2021 – – JSC Crystal business website, simple, modern and sophisticated delivery of services and news to the customer.

2020 – – an online platform where Crystal’s customers: entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses are given the opportunity to post and sell their products online.


  • The main goal of the company – creation of a website focused on regional development, which is equipped with tools that can simplify communication with the bank.


  • Collaboration for

Duration of the project: 6 months


Project management methodology: Is a hybrid, mix of Agile and Waterfall. Agile gives us the ability to move quickly, the readiness to overcome changes and new challenges; And Waterfall allows us to effectively manage such types of projects that are very limited in time.


The Webintelligence team: Team members involved in the project from the side of our company: project manager – Nino Chagunava, front-end developers – Sergi Kupreishvili, back-end developers – Buka Nadirashvili.


Our main challenge while working on the project: Communicating with multiple parties is always a challenge while managing complex projects. For this purpose, webintellengece used Jira to manage internal processes, and through Asana, which has a simple interface, the partner company had the opportunity to have complete information on current processes and the project was completely transparent to them. In order to accurately monitor the progress of the project, customer received weekly activity reports. 

It is also important to mention the challenges related to the security of the system based on the specifics of the banking sector.


Our main goal: With modern approaches, we could create a product that would be precisely tailored to the target customer.


How complex and multifaceted was the project?

Effective project management requires consideration of many details, including financial sector regulations and standards. Considering the main purpose and essence of the website, it turned out to be quite functionally loaded, which consists in the fact that the system architecture is adjusted to the knowledge and skills of different types of potential users. For a company focused on regional development, it was also important to have remote ways of communication and information delivery, which was solved through the integration of a chatbot, which makes the product even more comfortable, sophisticated and multifunctional.


Main achievements – the main goal of the project

Despite the versatility and complexity of the project, managing the content of the website, using the admin panel, adding functionality and plugins is quite simple with WordPress Admin. The same can be said for the potential customer, despite the huge information that is loaded on the page, the customer sees an easy-to-understand web space where they can easily find important information and get an instant answer on any question with the help of a chatbot.


Our future plans

Our cooperation in the mentioned projects was mutually beneficial. Such a large company as JSC MFO “Crystal” did not require the presence of relevant human resources in-house, and at the same time, received a high level of webintellengece expertise, which has been established by working on various projects for many years. For our team, managing such complex projects is a new experience. The three projects that have been successfully implemented between Crystal and webintellengece are the forerunners of our partnership in future projects.


  • Main benefits of the project

The extent of the information – despite the information overload, it is arranged in a simple and understandable way.

UX design – created in response to modern challenges and based on the study of potential user resources.

Providing a chatbot – provides fast and remote information exchange, while giving the partner company a way to minimize staffing.

Simple admin panel – its management does not require professional training and retraining.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) search system has been implemented – it provides increased visibility of the website in the search engine and maximum results with optimal cost.

Security, Data Privacy


  • Project post launch support services

Together with the partner company, we created a concept, we worked on its refinement and realization, based on the agreement with the company, webintellengece took responsibility to ensure the stability of the systems in the subsequent stages. Based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement), the metrics for managing service expectations between us and the partner company are clearly presented. Based on this agreement, the company is prevented from handling such issues as system stability, security issues, design and functionality updates.


  • Work on creating a design

While working on the design, the main challenge was to present the huge load of information systems in a simplified form. Websites based on the WordPress system are presented with simple, flexible and smooth visuals, which represent the synthesis of the main idea and concept of the partner company. While working on this project, we had the opportunity to study the websites of leading local and international banking and finance sectors and based on them, we created visuals and functionality adapted to modern trends.


  • Website performance and security

Due to the specifics of the financial system, the website required compliance with strict privacy and security standards. The website is equipped with a modern security system, which means meeting and implementing security standards of the international banking sector. Above mentioned fact provides world-class data protection.

As for other indicators of the site, is optimized and downloads through the browser are performed at a fairly high speed. This coincides with the company’s goals, because its potential customers are present in different regions of Georgia, and for them, the presence of a quality and fast website  has a crucial importance.


  • Digital Target Audience

Crystal is fully represented throughout Georgia, however, based on the main idea and value of the partner company, the main target group is the regional population of the country.



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