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  • A brief overview of the partner company


The “Georgian Industrial Group,” or “GIG,” is one of the major industrial organizations in Georgia, as well as a significant employer with up to 4000 staff members. Geo Hospital is a subsidiary company of GIG. The company strives for expansion and novel experiences. The company’s mission is to promote public health and deliver top-notch medical treatment. Professionalism and the constant pursuit of professionalism are among the guiding values of Geo Hospitals.


  • Cooperation and project


In 2017, Webintelligence and “GIG” began working together. After five years of collaboration, Geo Hospital is the fifth project completed successfully.


  • The main goal of the company


The project’s primary objective was to modernize the website. The website was created using specialized software, which prevented it from being updated or developed further. Due to delays, the previous support provider was unable to offer the website technical help.


Duration of the project: 6 months


The Webintelligence team spent six months on this project. We spent three months developing the design concept with Living Stone (, then another three months creating and implementing the design.


Project management methodology: a project management strategy that combines Agile and Waterfall principles. Waterfall gives us the ability to manage time-constrained projects effectively, but Agile gives us the ability to adapt quickly and be prepared to confront new challenges.


Our main challenge while working on this project

The project’s main challenge was the outdated system, which manifested itself in the automatic import of content, which was difficult to refine on a technical level.


Our main goal

The main goal of the collaboration was to create a modern platform that was easy to use. Even though the website is densely packed with information, this should not be an impediment to getting information to the user quickly and easily.


How complex and multifaceted was the project?

The system’s age and the databases’ lack of structure, as we’ve already said, were the key issues. The Webintelligence team was effective in modernizing, systematizing, and updating the system. The user no longer needs to spend time and money learning how to use the page thanks to today’s simple interface, and the business can completely manage and control the website.


Main achievements – the main goal of the project

The project’s main accomplishment is exposing users to the most creative, well-written, and well-organized content. The functions of the admin panel enable you to rapidly manage the page. Despite the project’s flexibility and complexity, WordPress Admin makes it simple to manage the website’s content, use the admin panel, and add plugins and features. The potential user notices a user-friendly web environment where he can quickly get information that is pertinent to them.


  • Main benefits of the project


  • A simple platform -Simple admin panel: no specialized training or retraining is required for its administration.
  • Simple functionality
  • Simple interface
  • Information overload – data is arranged in a comprehensible and plain manner.
  • Ease to use.
  • Safety and Data Privacy



  • Project post launch support services


The project was successfully finished, we are currently provide technical support to the Geo Hospital 


  • Work on creating a design


Together with the Living Stone, a design was created. This collaborational vision resulted in a simple, transparent and uncomplicated design. Given their desire and experience, the initiative deserves a far higher rating.


  • Website performance and security


The integrated SEO system of a website enhances the technical parameters, content relevance, and link popularity of a website in order to increase the accessibility, relevance, and popularity of its pages for user search queries. The website is outfitted with security technologies that employ threat hunting, investigation, and response capabilities in order to quickly identify and mitigate security risks.



  • Digital Target Audience



Due to its representation in all five of Georgia’s regions—Kvemo Kartli, Imereti, Mtskheta Mtianeti, Samtskhe-Javakheti, and Kakheti—website’s attracts users from all over the nation.





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